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Eva Henry

  Adams County Commissioner


"A New Leader for a New Direction is Gene Claps for Sheriff"

Adam Cushing

  Mayor Pro Tem, Brighton


I appreciate Gene Claps passion for helping children by working with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). I also admire his passion for mental health practices and his work with Community Reach Center. Having adopted two foster children and having worked to bring a co-responder program to Brighton, these are causes I also support.

Gene Claps has a clear vision for Adams County and brings a fresh perspective on how the Sheriff's department can work with surrounding agencies and work with elected officials to improve crime prevention and mental health services. That's why I'm proud to endorse Gene Claps for Adams County Sheriff.

Idress Family

We have had the privilege of knowing Gene and his wonderful family for over 15 years. We trust him to lead in a way that will unite everyone to make our county even better.

Gene has worked his way through the ranks of the sheriff's office, giving him first hand knowledge of the complexities of law enforcement.

We are constantly impressed with his integrity, honesty, and ability to work with everyone in a transparent and compassionate manner. Gene strives to make the community safe, always. Gene Claps has our endorsement to serve as the next sheriff of Adams County and we hope you will join us in supporting his election.


Thank you,

The Idress Family

Anonymous Citizen

Received via website:

Leadership is the most simple yet elusive achievement in building quality teams pointed in the right direction when the heart of humankind is so often corrupted and betrayed by the presence of power (real or perceived). Where fortuity holds, Mr. Claps, battle-tested and valor true, has the "Right Stuff" both he and his teams can rely on for their mission. Best of luck sir.

Christine Legg

My Fellow Democrats,

It is with pleasure that I endorse Gene Claps for the position of Sherriff in Adams County. As a family friend for more than 15 years, I can attest to Gene’s commitment to our community.  His sense of integrity helps guide his actions and decisions which are based on his extensive experience in law enforcement. He is a strong leader who interacts respectfully with everyone he meets. 

Gene Claps is a proponent for the program that places police officers in public schools to serve as resource officers. All students are safer because of the role they play in our schools.  The focus is on crime prevention and behavioral education. As a middle school teacher, I observed these officers foster relationships with many of our more at-risk students. 

The officers served as positive role models for these students to emulate. Many of the students whose initial interaction was one of hostility gradually developed a level of trust with the officers and eventually would seek positive attention from them.  This is no small feat. 


It is Gene Clap’s support of these kinds of programs that focus on crime prevention combined with proactive enforcement in areas of high crime that will keep our community safe.

Please mark your calendar to vote in the Democratic primary this June for Gene Claps for Adams County Sherriff. We need his leadership!

Thank you,

Christine Legg

Retired Teacher -

Adams 12 Five Star School District

Anna Meier

I have known Gene Claps for around 25 years. He is a remarkable man. I have never known a person who is so capable and proficient in so many things as Gene. He can manage a wide variety of tasks so well, his professional career in law enforcement along with managing a working farm, a separate small business, in addition to being an outstanding family man. I know that Gene has all the experience and competence to be an outstanding Sheriff.

I have been an educator for 30 years, 25 years in Adam's County District 12 schools. Gene has an outstanding plan to keep our schools safe. Gene will be proactive and will develop school resource officers that will develop connections with teachers and students. He will emphasize relationships between his SRO's and teachers and students over just issuing tickets for violations. These relationships will open up the communications essential to preventing violence in our schools. I highly recommend Gene Claps for Sheriff. 


Anna Meier 

Lori Goldstein

This is who I want Adams County's next Sheriff to be.  He has integrity, he's honest, and he genuinely cares about this community.  He does not have a corrupt bone in his body.  The more I learn about the opponent the more worries I get if the opponent wins.  Vote for Gene Claps for Adams County Sheriff.


Jennifer Allen-Thomas

  Commerce City Mayor Pro Tem


"Gene Claps knows the issues
facing our community everyday and will
effectively communicate and maintain strong relationships at all levels to build a better Adams County that works for all" 

PK Kaiser

 Arapahoe County Assessor 

Scott Miller

Commander Adams County, Retired


Over the last 22 years I have had the pleasure to work side by side with Gene Claps in many roles at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.  During that time, I witnessed Gene demonstrate character traits and skills that will make him a successful Sheriff in Adams County. 

Gene started as a Posse member and his talents for leadership, decision making, vision and compassion were quickly noticed, and he was recruited to work as a full time Deputy.  Through his career, Gene’s focus has been on being professional and transparent when dealing with peers, community, inmates and employees. 

He has worked in multiple divisions of the Sheriff’s Office both as line staff and eventually as part of the Executive Leadership Team.  Gene rose through the ranks over 22 years which included time as a Deputy, Detective, Sergeant, Commander, Captain and Chief of the Jail Division.  This experience is invaluable when it comes to leading such a large and important organization within our community.  There is no other candidate in this election that can present the overall experience that Gene Claps offers. 


In addition to his experience with the Adams County Sheriff's Office, Gene has been a business owner and resident of Adams County his entire life.  He is invested and cares about our community. 

Another strength of Gene is his passion to help in the area of mental health.  He facilitated the construction of the new Mental Health Unit at the Adams County Detention Center and was instrumental in the success of that project.  Gene will restore the partnership with Community Reach and other mental health providers throughout Adams County.

In this line of work, a support system is a must.  Gene is fortunate to have his wife of 36 years, Pam and three sons that provide the family support needed for this type of venture.  I know that Gene’s family is his motivation and his kind heart within his family structure is obvious. 

Having knowledge of Gene and his leadership style and qualities, if elected we as a community can expect a Sheriff that will build and develop relationships to create safer communities. We can expect a Sheriff that will work with our elected officials, community groups, and community professionals to establish a transparent, credible, ethical, problem-solving partnership with the community. 


​​Gene Claps is more than qualified to be the next Sheriff of Adams County.  He is devoted to make our community better than what it is currently.   We can count on making progress with integrity and transparency.  He will represent the mission, “Safer Communities – Stronger Leadership.”



Scott Miller

Shane Lantz

I am honored to recommend Mr. Gene Claps for the position of Adams County Sheriff. As a previous employee, co-worker and friend of Mr. Claps, I’ve seen his commitment to the Sheriff’s Office, it’s employees and his unquestionable dedication to public safety and the reduction of impaired drivers.


During the approximate four years Mr. Claps was my supervisor, he was overseeing the Adams County Sheriff’s Office Traffic and K-9 units. Additionally, Mr. Claps was instrumental in the introduction of electronic ticketing by Brozos which increased productivity and reduced data entry errors resulting in a financial savings. He also researched and applied for grants which provided addition innovative equipment for the traffic and K-9 units along with supplementing the traffic enforcement budget. As a result of Mr. Claps increasing the traffic unit's enforcement budget by grants, Mr. Claps was able to collaborate the County’s first multiagency DUI enforcement campaigns which included every law enforcement agency within the boundaries of Adams County.


Mr. Claps was always willing to go above and beyond by mentoring his staff, leading by example and breaking down any barriers encounter for the success of his employee’s, the Sheriff’s Office and most importantly, the community we all served.


I recommend voting for Gene Claps for Adams County Sheriff because, I’m confident that his excellent work ethics, morals, dedication, transparency and leadership demonstrated during the course of his employment will carry over to the role of Sheriff. Mr. Claps is charismatic, well-spoken, ambitious and, if he is voted into the role of Sheriff for Adams County, there’s no doubt in my mind he will exceed expectations. Please call me at the number below (during regular business hours) or by email (anytime) with any questions regarding Mr. Claps. Warm regards, Previous Sr. Deputy (07/02-06/15)


Shane A Lantz

(303) 905-1637

Sentinel Colorado

ENDORSEMENTS: Sentinel Colorado choices for regional, county races - Sentinel Colorado

Adams County Sheriff: Gene Claps

Like the Adams County commission, the sheriff’s department has seen more than its fair share of malfeasance and controversy over the past few decades.

Both sheriff candidates Gene Claps and Mike McIntosh would bring needed integrity and stability to this large but shaken department.

McIntosh, a Republican, was county sheriff until being defeated by incumbent Democrat Sheriff Rick Reigenborn in 2018.

While McIntosh’s tenure was for the most part marked by stability and a focus on addressing crime in unincorporated parts of the county, problems with jail crowding and bumpy relations with city police department officials revealed a less-than collaborative environment.

Returning McIntosh as sheriff would essentially bring back the high and low points of his administration.

The Sentinel Editorial Board recommends voters put Democrat Gene Claps in charge of the office and department, creating a new start for the county and regional police departments associated with the office.

Claps was previously the county’s top jail administrator as a deputy in the department.

His experience in handling one of the county’s most complex and challenging institutions is a valuable asset at a time when jails undergo close and critical review.

Claps shows a keen appreciation not just for department morale and recruitment, but for ensuring law enforcement officers provably treat the community with respect and fairness.


Lynn Baca

Adams County Commissioner

Steve O'Dorisio

Adams County Commissioner

Timothy Coates

Division Chief Adams County, Retired

As a retired division chief of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, I worked with Gene Claps throughout his 22-year law enforcement career.  Gene started as a Deputy Sheriff and retired in 2019 at the rank of Division Chief. Gene has extensive experience in the various divisions of the sheriff’s office including patrol, detective and ultimately retiring as the Chief of the detention facility.  


I observed and evaluated Gene’s leadership and management skills throughout his career, and I can honestly say Gene is one of the hardest working individuals I met during my career. Gene is a dedicated leader who is sensitive to the needs of the sheriff’s office employees and the public he serves. He recognizes the importance of policies and procedures, training, and supervision and how those interact to help keep our communities safe.  Gene has a friendly and positive attitude and genuinely loves serving Adams County residents. 


I personally consider Gene to be a valued friend and committed family man.  He gives back to the community he lives in and was raised with values that translate into strong character.  He is honest, determined and diligent in all his pursuits. 


I completely support and am encouraged to see Gene pursuing the position of Adams County Sheriff.  He has an intimate understanding of the complexities of the organization and will work hard to prove that his experience and skills make him the best candidate for that position. 




TJ Coates 

Billie Daddario

Dear Adams County Voter


I have proudly known Gene Claps and his family for 25 years or more. This is what I can say about him. He is a solid and responsible family man with a strong moral compass I know this because I saw it every day as I worked with his family as his children’s day care worker. He held his children to a high standard of behavior that he modeled.  Now that his children are grown, I see it in how he lives his life in his neighborhood in how he treats others in his kindness and his honesty.


As I watched the Boulder County Sheriff  speak on television after the Marshal fires, I recognized the same quiet, calm and dependable qualities in Gene. I highly recommend and endorse Gene and will be voting for him. A man that is trust worthy, caring, and with a high moral compass that I am sure he will require from those around him. I look forward to Adams County Sheriff Department under his leadership. Which is a leadership that sets the example and it is a high example indeed.

Specifically, Gene strongly believes in proactive policing policy. He is not reactive. He is going to bring back the local mental health department so inmates can get help after they leave. He is also going to bring back the drug rehab program Vivitrol. This is the type of forward thinking that will reduce crime in our neighbor hoods again I will be voting for Gene Claps  for Adams Couty Sherriff.



Billie Daddario

Independent Autor, Daisies and Denim, The Cowboy’s Second Hand Heart

Barry Johnson,
Owner Barry's Drywall

August 19, 2022


As we approach the upcoming election for Adams County Sheriff, we ask you to join us in supporting Gene Claps as the next Sheriff. 

Who in their right mind, runs for Sheriff after serving twenty two years in nearly every division of the department, only to be fired on the spot by the newly elected Sheriff? Most would look forward to retirement and never look back. Not Gene Claps! He has an agenda to be fulfilled. From re-establishing strained relationships within the Sheriff's Department due to the current administration, to his ideas on reducing crime by being proactive and stop being reactive. Gene cares about homelessness issues which will require the cooperation of elected officials, community members and resources for mental health services. Gene has experience in dealing with the opioid crisis. He, along with other stakeholders initiated the first Vivitrol Program in Adams County focusing on inmates being released with an opioid addiction. 

Gene has great thoughts, experience and understanding of what it takes to work collaboratively with the community, elected officials and maintaining the respect of each and every Sheriff's Department employee. Adams County deserves an honest and genuine new Sheriff - please vote for Gene Claps. 


Barry Johnson 

  • Adam Cushing, Mayor Pro Tem, Brighton

  • Eva Henry, Adams County Commissioner "A New Leader for a New Direction is Gene Claps for Sheriff"

  • Steve O'Dorisio, Adams County Commissioner

  • Lynn Baca, Adams County Commissioner

  • Jennifer Allen-Thomas, Commerce City Mayor Pro Tem

  • PK Kaiser, Arapahoe County Assessor

  • TJ Coates, Division Chief Adams County Sheriff's Office, Retired

  • Scott Miller, Commander Adams County Sheriff's Office, Retired

  • Idress Family

  • Billie Daddario

  • Anna Meier

  • Hannah Murphy

  • Carisa Murphy

  • Sandra Galey

  • Stephanie Ohm

  • Marcie Meissner

  • Amy Snyder

  • Ray Zinanti

  • Beth Janda

  • Michelle Milstead

  • Doug Templeton, Sergeant Adams County Sheriff's Office, Retired

  • Teresa Templeton

  • Cindi Miller, Accounting Supervisor Adams County, Retired

  • Charlene Miller

  • Kelsey Gasser, Court Clerk, 17th Judicial District

  • Nathan Gasser, Adams County Business Owner

  • Gustavo Renteria

  • Jesus Fuentes

  • Shane Lantz

  • Christine Legg

  • Barry Johnson, Owner Barry's Drywall

  • Lori Goldstein

  • Colorado Sentinel

If you would like to endorse Gene, fill out the form below.

Thank You!  Your support is appreciated.

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